Remote Devices?

Me again…
What’s the secret to plug-in control? I’ve used MIDI input to control the transport and drop markers with a pedal, and it works great, but I can’t get plug-ins working at all. I think I understand the system and I’m following all the prompts, which seem to be pretty clear. I know MIDI is getting to WL, because I can setup the controller and have it learn MIDI messages. But every time I go to any plug-in window and try to make an assignment (ctrl+click Remote button) nothing happens. The next time I open the plug-in, I get a message that nothing is associated with it, so obviously MIDI is not getting to plug-in.

Also, I’ve noticed WL appears to be off by +1 on CC msgs. So, when setting-up the controller in Remote Devices, I send it CC #108, and WL learns it as CC #109. I can confirm this is WL, because I’ve used a 3rd party MIDI monitor utility to verify the msgs coming from the controller.

What’s the secret(s)?

Thanks again,

Did you ever get the plug-ins working?

Nope, and I totally don’t get what isn’t happening…

Is it possible it’s the fine print on the pop-up dialog: “controls must first be assigned to the “plug-in custom parameters” on the Remote Devices setup window”. The manual says the same thing under Prerequisite on page 19. Also, manual page 15, and 18-20.

I don’t have a controller to try, but maybe there’s even more setup required to use it with non-steinberg plugins.

Thanks very much! I was following these instructions, but gave it another go. It appears that MIDI is getting where it’s supposed to go sometimes. But it moves the control very erratically (if at all), and WL seems to be reading the CC number offset by 1. I thought it might related to the options for the type of binary encoding (which are undocumented, as far as I can tell), but changing them doesn’t yield different results. Neither does changing controllers, so this leads me to believe it’s in WL.