Remote Kyes Setup for Expression Maps - KS not working


I tried to create my own key switches and ran into a problem - the switches actualy do not change the expression and are recorded as normal notes.

Here is my setup:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Cubase 7 full version
  • M-Audio Keystation 61 es as the MIDI input (connected via USB)
  • Miroslav Philharmonik CE (where I’d like to configure the expression mapping)

Here is what I have done:

  • created a new project, one instrument track with connection to MP
  • configured MP to have violino tutti arco in the 1st MIDI channel, staccato on the 2nd, pizzicato on the 3rd and tremollo on the 4th MIDI channel
  • created a new expression map and configured 4 Sound slots accordingly
  • used the Set Remote Keys button to assign white keys for these slots - starting C-1

When I record a MIDI sequence and set the expression manually it works perfectly (this is why I have bought the Cubase full version actually :slight_smile:). However I thought, when I setup the Remote Keys for these slots, during recording the C-1 key and the three others will not be recorded, but instead of an actual key, the slot (and therefore the expression) will be changed. At least this is how I understand the behaviour according to the docs…

So when I record a MIDI sequence and push the E-1 key to get a pizzicato for my violin, it does not change and it records the E-1 key in the score…

I’d say I’m missing one configuration step in my setup - could anyone let me know, where my problem with configuration is? I checked the forum and I didn’t find a regarded topic…

I can create a video with explanation if necessary…

Thanks a lot!

(first thing that springs to mind… are you sure you are using the correct octave? When you write “C-1”, is that “C1” or “C minus 1”? )

Hmmm, well, oooops… shame…

Yes, you are right, I misunderstood the dash for minus… Configured keymaps to C1, D1, etc., and it works like a charm!!! Thanks a lot!!!