Remote MIDI commands

I have Cubase Elements 7 and i am building some hardware to control some of its functions for remote access,
I cannot find any remote command that selects any of the tracks right away, or have i missed it ?

I can use Command Navigate Up/Down to move between tracks, but i looking for a command that sets the wanted track number right away.


An old drum machine makes a good controller.

I used to have a bunch of stuff setup when I used SX3.

You have to set up a generic remote in devices on the device menu, as I remember…

Might be different some.

You need something that puts out note data not cc’s then it can be mapped to anything.

Don’t know it that’s left out of your version though…

Hello Tacman7
Thank´s for input, I have selected Generic Midi, and the hardware I build on is an Arduino switch controller and a cheap USB to Midi converter.
I was looking around little more and I have found the right code, it is under “device” Midi Mixer and there i can select actual track that has been named.