Remote Mutes get Out-of-sync with Local Mutes

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve setup a Generic Remote in Device Setup (for a Kontrol F1 controller) to both transmit and receive MIDI control messages mapped to Mutes.

At first, everything seems to work great.

When a project loads, the mutes are transmitted to the Kontrol F1 and light up the pads that are indeed muted.

So far so good.

Next, tapping those mutes on and off on the Kontrol F1 also works as expected.

I can even manually toggle the mutes with my mouse within Cubase and the Kontrol F1 responds in kind.

Again, all looks well, but this is where the problem starts. When controlling the Mutes via mouse and having the Kontrol F1 respond to the change, if I then make a change on the Kontrol F1, Cubase doesn’t respond!

The F1 responds on its LEDs, but the Mute in Cubase doesn’t follow.

And to confirm, I can see that Cubase saw the MIDI control message from the Kontrol F1 (via MIDI activity bar in Cubase) – it just doesn’t perform the Mute toggle.

Then, on a second tap of the F1 (once again its LED responds), Cubase does respond, but now it’s out of sync: The Mute status is opposite between Cubase and the MIDI controller.

Tapping yet a third time on the F1 (again its LED toggles), now has Cubase not responding again, but gets it back into sync for the 4th tap.

Fourth tap (and beyond) on the F1 MIDI controller now is in sync with Cubase.

Everything stays in sync until a manual mouse-based Mute is toggled, once again.

It has pretty much made the possibility of remote control not useful in Cubase. Since there is not loud screaming about this, I’ll assume I’m doing something wrong with the Device Setup.

Btw, this same controller and Muting works perfectly in Studio One, so it’s not the controller (also I have two of them, thus eliminating any chance of a defective unit).

Here’s my Generic Remote example row:

Stem 1 Mute | Controller | 10 | 1 | 127 | R,T,
Stem 1 Mute | VST Mixer | STEM 1 Drums | Mute | P,T,



Update: I’ve tested this enough, with same results, that I’d like to call it a bug in Cubase.

Can anyone with a general MIDI remote, confirm?

(For example, my CMC-CH controller does not have an issue with Mutes getting out-of-sync.)