remote overdub possible ?


i’m in england, the director is in italy, the comedian in mexico…
let’s do this.
i need to send my mix to both of them in sync with my video stream (ouch already).
i need to record the comedian’s mic (from a studio booth)
i need to have talkback from me and director.

i bought vstconnect pro aaaand lost 75$ as it does not stream the f*in video (!!!) (really i just don’t understand what “pro” means anymore it’s just a word like “revolution” when and new 1176 plugin is released.)

how do you guys proceed for that (please don’t answer if you don’t do this i understand it’s aaaall better in a real studio but 1/some projects it’s not possible 2/imagine a crazy warZ scenario where a disease hits the world and people have to live in bunkers. yeah i know it would never happen right ?

i heard about Studio Link but don’t know if works really.
thx for advice.

It’s urgent to implement video send in VST Connect Pro. No sense only a webcam image sent.

yeah. crazy.
Studio Link does not do video. only audio i guess vst connect is better for that.
i’m trying to see if a player like VLC can be slaved to nuendo and send video flow… dam i feel like in 2000 when i was doing this because i didn’t have proper video in protools for some reason.

looks like more explanation here :

Will come for sure! But still might need some time.

Hello sylvainmoreau,

We do a lot of this type of thing with different tools based on the situation. I’m willing to assist however I have a couple of questions please, I didn’t quite follow a couple of your comments.

i need to send my mix to both of them in sync with my video stream (ouch already).

What “video stream” are you trying to send?
Your title has “overdub”, are you matching audio to an existing audio/video program (ADR-type work) or is he doing voiceover to picture (not as tight as ADR-type work) or trying to send your Nuendo project video?


thx !
i want to send my video track from nuendo.
yes it’s voiceover. (not sure the english translation so i said overdub)


On my absurdly small device so here are some small thoughts -

Video streaming requires an input device, your daw video is an output device. There are virtual video loop back applications but I’m not happy with their stability and tying up the daw. I prefer a hardware device.

Vst connect is promising and seems to be improving but you can’t stream to multiple destinations.

One easy to implement option - use a laptop to stream via Skype/Teams/Zoom/other to your multiple destinations. The video is via a video interface on the laptop fed from your daw so it can be any picture you like. There are a number of video converters that work with streaming apps but do your research- we used to use BlackMagic but some updates killed that. It’s supposedly fixed but BM is still not stable with cheesy video streaming apps.
The audio is a cue mix from your daw that is either embedded in the daw’s video output into the video interface or an output of your audio interface into the streaming laptop via a cheap interface. Use an audio streaming app like ListenTo, StudioLink, SourceConnect (too expensive), or Unity to get high quality audio to the destinations separate from the video streaming app. You could, for instance, embed the talkback into the hdmi signal for streaming and use the discrete laptop audio interface for the cue audio. Or interrupt cue audio with talkback. Depends on your use.

The above is descriptive, no prescriptive. You’ll have to work out all the details but it’s intended to get you thinking in the right direction.



I know it may not be the most convenient solution for all participants but we get the best results when the remote clients/talents get the video file(s) and they sync it to your TC. For example MTC via Sessionlink Pro or LTC through a separate audio channel.
Doing video streaming takes a lot of bandwidth an most of the time is very choppy or asynchronous. But when TC is being send parallel to your audio it will always sync. Maybe with a certain offset but it will be a constant offset you can compensate.
Don’t know if this is an option for you.