Remote Working with your DAW


I’d like to use my DAW everywhere at home. At the moment I have one room where my DAW stands. I’m planning to update to a new powerful PC. Soundcards, AD/DA converters and external FX and Synths will be connected to this computer. But it is not possible to move this setup around.

One way would be to use an additional labtop. But beside the fact that I would need to install everything on the laptop again, there is one catch. To run all the plug-ins it must be a quite powerful laptop. And powerful means loud fans. Further more SSDs for the sample libraries are still quite expensive. So I don’t wont to buy everything twice.

Now I had the idea to remote access my main DAW via WLAN. I mean the standard remote access that comes with Windows. Then I would need only a slow(meaning silent) laptop and one set of SSDs would be enough, too.

Question: Is it possible to use Cubase via Windows remote access via WLAN or Ethernet.
If the answer is yes, then the next question is: How can I transfer MIDI and audio over the network?
Is it possible to connect a MIDI-interface and an audio-interface to the laptop and connect the MIDI-/audiostream somehow to the MIDI/audio interfaces of the remote controlled DAW?

There is an iPad app that will do this. Having said that I still have not got it working. Every time I connect the network cable cubase will not load.

The app is called V-Control. There are 2 versions, the free lite version and the $50 full version.
Check the YouTube vids first

This seems to be a nice app. But it’s not what I’m looking for.

I’m lookinig for a way to use the DAW from a different room via some kind of remote connection (eg WLAN).
Synths are connected to MIDI- and Audiointerface of the DAW.
But it’s not only that I want to control the DAW user interface from a remote PC, but also that I want a remote MIDI- and audio connection. It should be possible to have a keyboard-synth next to the remote PC and it must be connected (MIDI/audio) somehow to the rest of the DAW without cables.