Remotely access plugged-in e-licenser?

I am out of town for a week and foolishly forgot to bring my elicenser with me so i could produce on my laptop. My dongle is plugged into my desktop at home which is on the web. I’m curious, is there any way to access the USB dongle remotely?

I’ve seen this software Flexihub that lets you access a remote USB device…


I don’t know any software.

You could download Cubase Elements Trial, which uses Soft-eLicenser, and use it for 30 days. But you know, there are some limitations of the Elements derivative.

Another option is to use some Remote Control software like TeamViewer, and use your home computer, in fact.

I just experimented, and Flexihub does indeed work!

I use VirtualHere on my Synology NAS which has my e-Licenser plugged in. Works like a charm

Be warned if you’re on El Capitan! I just bought a VirtualHere license without knowing about the 10.11 issues. It only works on Sierra or above.

Just updating this old thread with another idea in the same vein as Flexihub (but free!). You’ll need your client machine and also a machine which is always on (or WOL-able) and connected to the Internet.

I 'm running Cubase on a MacBook Pro early 2015 with Sierra (*rolled back from High Sierra when it broke Cubase completely). I have the VirtualHere client installed on this machine and the VirtualHere USB Server installed on a permanently-on Windows 10 Server at home where my USB dongle is physically plugged in all the time.

for both client and server installers.

Over my LAN - wired or wireless - it works great. I sometimes have to re-start the server on the Win box, and then re-start the client on the Mac once the server is running but once the connection on TCP7575 is up it seems rock-solid, I’ve never had a crash while using Cubase.

Even better is the fact that in conjunction with ZeroTier ( this also works just fine over the Internet. Zerotier is a very capable SDN-style network virtualisation layer which among many other things can give you VPN connectivity. You need to install it on both the server and the client machines.

Its a bit of a faff to configure and it certainly helped being a network guy when getting the VPN transport/node setup done. It would be perfect to be able to use Teamviewer for this, but for some off reason TV does not support VPN for MacOS as far as I can tell from my research. If you have a Windows client machine then maybe you can just use TV’s VPN. Gaah.

But bqck to my case using ZeroTier - once done and set up, both machines are effectively on the same subnet and the TCP7575 transport required by VirtualHere is up and available. Again, I’ve used this over the Internet for comping/edit sessions and its rock solid. My testing has been on decent broadband (100M at home) so no idea what impact a lower b/w connection might have.

I havent tested the scenario (as I dont need to) where two client computers might access the same remote USB dongle - I cant see why in theory it wouldnt work at the network/USB hardware level but who knows.

Hope that helps someone somewhere,