Remove a midi controller

hi all,
I made a midi controller on the midi surface page but I want to remove it.
how do I remove a midi controller from the midi surface page?
can’t find how to do it…

I found I had to go to the script page and delete it from there.

This page:


Hi Ian.

I had same problem. Tried what you said and hey presto!! Thanks I’ve have been tearing my hair out for several days trying to get back to my orig midi keyboard set up.


is there any other way?
this function actually deletes the script file form the disk.

It seems you can’t just disconnect a midi device or change the midi ports once it’s been configured. This is a real problem IMO.



Are you already on C12.0.10 ? There you can “manually” activate your MIDI controller via the big PLUS button and choose the right ports yourself. And you don’t have to delete your script. Just disable it if you do not need it temporarily.

Yes, I’m actually using the demo version, I’m a Nuendo owner and just want to play around with that new feature.

Ok so if I disable a script, its associated MIDI ports would be available again?

But is there a way to change the ports? My setup is a bit complicated. I made my own MIDI controller and i often have to change the output ports for debugging purposes. (I use protokol for MIDI monitoring).

Plus, my actual configuration has 6 different MIDI controllers, 3 emulated Mackie Control, and 3 “generic devices” including two instances of Lemur.

Thanks for your quick response!


That’s right!


This is becoming quite annoying, I can disable a script and it gives access to the ports, but whenever i reactivate this script, it will still reconnect automatically.

Even if i delete the script and then create a new one under the same name, it’s reconnected automatically.

I tried to delete the files under C:\Users\toto\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings but still, Cubase won’t forget my previous assignments…

I’m currently testing different possibilities for a complex device with multiple ports, so i would like to be able to simply remove a device and start fresh. It was very easy with the old generic device, you could just change a port with a simple click, why is this not the case anymore?

Please, at least tell me which file I need to modify/delete so Cubase will finally forget previous assignments.

Thank you very much,


The “Project Scope” mappings are stored within your Cubase project. That’s why they are still there.

It confuses me why you can’t change the ports either, the controls are in front of you yet you can’t change them(!?).

I thought the latest update enabled that option, but it appears that it only allows you manually set ports on addition of a script, not an already loaded one.

Is there a technical reason why this isn’t possible?

Thanks! It does work now.

Though it seems counter-intuitive to me. Why should MIDI controllers be saved with a session?

To me a controller tends to stay in the same workplace, whereas a session can be opened in different environments and therefore used with different controllers.

I can imagine that if I send a session to a colleague with a similar device, but using a different script, this may cause problems. (ie different layout of Lemur or TouchOSC).

I imagine that you must have your reasons for this behaviour, I’m just curious about those reasons. :wink:

Again, thanks a lot for your quick answer,


Thanks for showing us that!