"Remove All Actions" button in the Offilne Process History

Hi All,
Anyone else offline process several clips 6 or 7 times? So do I. Sometimes I need to have another crack at these files close to completion.
Currently the only way to “remove” these offline process actions is to select all clips, open offline process history and individually remove each Action one by one for each clip. TAKES AGES!
Wouldn’t it be great to have “Remove all Actions” under Modify and Replace By in the Offline Process History window.
Or perhaps there is another way I haven’t thought of?



Hi Rickard,
Do you offline process as a means to streamline your work flow?

I have various batch-processes-presets and apply them to various clips I know need will more sonic consistency between them. I find this makes mixing way faster and streamlined.
At times though I’m at the end of a mix and need to have another go at a large section of dialogue.
Here is where a remove all offline process button would same time and tendinitis of my right hand…!!!