Remove all native plugins?

I’m getting a Komplete instruments and effects bundle.
Can I somehow uninstall all native Cubase plugins, so they don’t appear on the plugin lists?
I won’t be using any of them.
Uninstall would be preferred, if “hide” is not the way.
Thank you

Plugin Manager?

Create your own sets.

Where do I find the plugin manager… inside Cubase or?


ok, thanks
But can I uninstall plugins/libraries there?
I need the disk space

No this only hides them.

You can uninstall certain content from Windows uninstaller. This doesn’t include all plugs but only the ones with sample content are going to take much hd space.

Nice to know I can manage which plugins are visible and how they are grouped etc.

Use the plugin manager (cubase 8). You can “hide them” by creating a new set of plugins.

A lot of the inbuilt VSTs do a great job and are very CPU efficient, they’re great for tasks like sidechain ducking and such like. I too have NI komplete but if I used their plugins for everyhing my PC would grind to a halt.

Was mostly meaning instrument plugins

I use very few effects plugins, aside from what the instrument has of built-in effects.
When I do, I like them to be of good/better quality.
I mean compressor, limiter, eq, reverb etc.
So I’m gonna have some select Waves plugins too
I love to keep a very simple setup + plugin overview, with just the things I actually and often use

Got a bit cold feet about Komplete… so many choices and lists. hm maybe later

I’ve loads of plugins because I love wasting money :unamused: the truth is there are so many excellent freebees out there, combined with the built in stuff you have most bases covered. Check out this month’s computer music magazine to download their superb PSP delay, a couple of their channel strips are gems too (despite having plenty of expensive alternatives I used Satson CM a lot) and some of their synths are great. Also Soundtoys are offering a free vintage EQ this week.

I don´t get it, sorry. :unamused:

There are so many great Stock Plugins in Cubase!
e.g. Magento II, Groove Agent, Loop-Mash FX, REVelation (great Hallroom FX!), Transientshapter, Quadrafuzz II, Halion Sonic SE 2, MultibandCompressor, MultibandExpander, MultibandTransientshaper, Retrologue II… etc.
And dont´forget VST3 Sidechain option in Cubase´s stock plugins.

BTW: there are plenty of pro users like Paul McCartney, or the famous mixing engineer Mike Stavrou (credits: which only (!) use internal Cubase stock plugins for mixing.


Yeah now later I’m more into “the native stuff is nice (or good enough), simple and fast”.
Combined with a few external plugins/instruments, all is good.