Remove all plugins from all channels?

I have some old projects I’d like to remix starting from scratch (just the bare MIDI and audio material).
Is there a quick way to remove all effect plugins from all the channels in the Mix Console?

(Cubase Pro 11, Win10).

You could try quick link and drag them off screen , or just quick link and delete , im not at the machine so can’t tell you for certain

Can you just select all channels and then choose Reset MixConsole channels from functions menu?

Thanks for your help.
I seem to understand that a specific command, which only removes (all) plugins, does not exist.
However, I found the “Reset MixConsole” option useful (I know, I should read the user manual carefully…).

Despite deleting not only the plugins but also all other channel settings (volumes, equalizing…), it can be overall convenient as a first step of the remix, especially in presence of many channels and plugins.