Remove auto-appended number after instrument name in score?

We use a different scheme to list multiple, same instruments in our scores, so I need to remove the auto appended number at the end of the instrument name. How is this done?

I’ll jump on this post, I have the same question.

The short answer is that you can’t, and that our plan is to provide sufficient flexibility in the automatic generation of staff labels that you won’t need to override them in most cases. You should be able to do e.g.

1st Trumpet in Bb
1st Bb Trumpet
Trumpet in Bb 1
Trumpet 1 in Bb
Bb Trumpet 1

all with the default options Dorico provides, but at the moment you can only get “Trumpet in Bb 1” and “Bb Trumpet 1”. We will take care of this as quickly as we can.

Has anything changed on this?

I have an orchestral score with Piccolo and 2 Flutes. Flute 2 occasionally doubles (2nd) Piccolo. But in all the passages where it continues on Flute 2, I would prefer not to have the Piccolo staff labeled “Piccolo 1” when there is no other Piccolo.

No, as yet there’s been no material change in the numbering of instruments. You may be able to get the result you need by adding a further piccolo instrument, and changing its name to be e.g. “ Piccolo” (note the leading space), which will make it different enough that Dorico won’t number it along with the other two piccolos.

So, is it not possible to name a stave Oboe 1&2 either (for example)?

Of course it is. You can rename any staff to anything you want. This thread concerns the automatic numbering of staves.

Ok, sorry for that (phew!). I couldn’t figure out how to do it, and ended up in this forum entry. It’s working now (though I don’t know what I did differently :slight_smile:

Good to know that it’s working! Let us know if we can help.

Just checking in. Is this capability available now? As a reminder, instead of Dorico appending a # to the end of part names, I want it in the middle

Default “Trumpet in C 1,Trumpet in C 2 , etc”
Desired “Trumpet 1 in C, Trumpet 2 in C, etc.”

I am doing a manual workaround at the moment.

No, there’s been no change to this just yet, Ed, though it remains in our plans.

+1 for the ability to turn off auto numbering

Daniel’s made clear (I think!) that turning off auto numbering is not the priority; opening up the naming system in order that you can switch the order is the priority.

If you put each instrument in its own Group in Setup mode, the automatic numbering doesn’t apply.