Remove backround music from movie sample

Not sure if this is possible in cubase but Im looking at using a sample from a movie but during the speaking theres some parts with backround music that I would like to remove. Ive been able to remove vocals before but not the music. Thanks

i am so sorry, i can’t help you, but your last sentence is what i need to know, how did you remove the vocals, can you help me
thank you so much, and sorry as i asked a question instead of answering your’s…but i don’t know anything about your problem


If you can remove the vocals, you can remove also the music, I would say.

  1. Remove the vocal.
  2. Only music is available.
  3. Swap the Phase of the Music.
  4. Play the original track with swapped music.
    => Only the vocal remains, and the music is removed.

Am I right?

If you have the waves plugins, there’s a plugin called “Center”.
With it, you can lower the “sides” of your stereo track ( which usually contains only music and SFX ) , or you can lower the center which contains the voices if you want to keep music only.

Even if the center always has some music mixed in , this plugin really helps.

No, because the vocal content is usually in the same (or close) frequency range as some of the music and so will also be affected. Unless you’re lucky enough that the music is all in the low or high frequency range compared to your sample, in which case a filter might work. But even then the sample often suffers.

Because vocal content is usually centre stage, pan wise, and because it is generally in a certain frequency range, it is easier to remove (for the most part) from the overall signal than removing the music from the vocal that surrounds it.

Though even then some residue vocal is often still present.

If this could be done successfully I’m sure there would be a plug-in available to do it. So whatever you do will most likely badly degrade your sample. As someone who uses a lot of film media samples, I’m always on the look out for cool, clean talkie bits with no background audio.

However, if you have a sample you really like try this: leave the sample as is but try to get a clean sample of the back ground audio if you can. If you’re lucky you might be able to blend it into the part before and after the talkie sample as if it was part of the tune. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Good luck.

I would do it as Martin suggested, or use a free tool like:
Remove the Middle, keep the Side, EQ to taste.
Or the other way around :slight_smile:

Ok, go for it. If you can remove the background audio and keep the original sample good enough for your needs then that’s your solution.

It’s never worked good enough for me but your mileage might vary.

Good luck with it.