Remove bars in front of the score

can’t remove this bar at all, is there any method to do to make this happen easily?

It might depend on what happens before or after your picture, but generally select that bar and use shift-B -1. That ought to delete it.


Cristiano, if you use the iPad without external keyboard: make the System track visible (via the menu with the eye icon). Then use the System track to select and delete that bar.

Thank you for your help, my friend, but I haven’t solved my case yet,

Normally I would say to check any overrides in Engrave mode but I’m not familiar with this for iPad, or if it’s even possible!

Christiano, how does your project look in Galley view, especially at the end (I replicated your last bars)?

Have you done all your work on the iPad - or have you opened the project on a big computer in between?
For the time being you could export your project as .pdf and then just delete the second page…
Or you could upload your project file here, we would be able to help more efficiently.

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Good friend, thank you for the help, there are times when poupover(SHIFT B)(TRIM) works and there are times when it doesn’t work!

Yes Cristiano, in these cases it would be interesting to see the project…

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4. Post a project, not a picture
If you are having a problem with Dorico, the fastest way to get the help you need is to post the project, or a part of it, and not to post a screenshot. If you post a picture, you will almost certainly find that the first person to respond to your thread asks you to post the project.

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Separação.dorico (1.3 MB)

I might have not properly understood what you are trying to achieve, but I think you are trying to:

  1. remove the 16 empty bars after bar 57
  2. remove the empty page (page 2) from the score

If that is the case, here is what I did to achieve those two things.

  1. Click on the rest in bar 58 , shift-B, -16, Enter.

  2. In the Score layout go into Engrave mode, show the Pages panel on the right-hand side, right-click on page 2 and select Remove Page Override(s)

Here is the result:
Separação-edited.dorico (1.3 MB)

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Steven, Cristiano is using Dorico for iPad.
There is no right-hand side panel in Engrave mode…

Ah. OK.
I was not aware of that.

I wonder how he did the page overrides in his project.

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Cristiano, I opened your file on my iPad and noticed a couple of odd things.

  1. if I select the final barline and open the bottom property panel, I see that there is a hidden time signature. For some reason it can’t be deleted, it keeps reappearing.

  1. How did you enter your copyright text?
    If I select the text item I can change it’s property to be above or below the staff, where you entered it. In your case this text item behaves strange, see here:

The usual way to enter this kind of information is not to add it as system text, instead filling in that information inti the “Project Info” window:

To get back to your problem/hiccup with this file:
Have you only worked on your project on the iPad, or did you open it on the computer Dorico version in between?
I wonder, wether inputting your copyright staff text at a later position in the score (after bar 57) might have to do with the fact, that the file got overridden somehow. Also the inserted time signature at the last bar might have to do with it, I don’t know.

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Thank you for the super help, friends! In relation to the text below, I put this information in the part of the project cited but it did not appear, so I put it as text, but I will analyze the issue of this hidden compass here and I will correct it!

Thanks, my friend! Thank you in advance for your support, I use Dorico on the iPad! This configuration is not here! One. Something that should have page configuration already on the agenda but anyway let’s go forward!

Ok. if you have only worked on the iPad with that project, we might have discovered a little bug… unless someone tried to help you and had the file open on a normal computer.
Firstly, your “copyright text” has been input as staff text via Shift-X at the default “above” location. Then you must have dragged it in Engrave mode below the staff (I noticed it’s Offset properties). So that problem has vanished :slight_smile:
The hidden Time Signature at the end of your score: it seemed resistant to any tries to delete it, it always reappears. But, once it is changed to “Open” Time Signature (Shift-M, open, Enter), it can be deleted.
Very strange: after it’s deletion a new 2/4 Time Signature appears beginning of bar 52 (after the repeat bar line). Now this one can’t be deleted. I suspect actually, there might be a hidden bug… Also on my iPad I have not managed to get rid of the empty 2nd page of the Score Layout (the Guitar Layout don’t show this issue).

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That’s why I say that developers can add this function on the iPad of more page options! But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, my friend! Learning how to handle Dorico here on the iPad!

I played around with the file in post #11 and found a few things:

  • Trim Flow fails because the final barline was added manually. It is not necessary to change the automatic barline at the end of the flow to “normal”.
  • The page override on page 1 was caused by manually changing the font size of the title. The better way to do this is change the paragraph style definition – but I suppose that is not available on iPad.
  • I don’t know what caused the override on page 2.

Hello Cristiano, no Dorico does not work with “pages”. If there is musical content, a Layout will be created. Your layout will depend on a couple of different factors. An empty page should never appear, unless there is a bar with music or other elements. This is all handled automatically, that’s why we too are so interested to figure out, what happened to your file…

I am also quite curious, which note heads you are using in the last three bars. There is no scaling involved, still they look quite large. How did you input them?

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