Remove bassline from a song ?


I guess this is a simple question for most people here, but is there a way to “filter” or “remove” (as much as possible) the Bass-line from a song loaded into Wavelab Elements 7 ?

I’m trying to make some “practice” files for myself and having the bass removed should make it easier to play my own bass-line over them an hear what I’m doing wrong :wink:

Thanks !

Not really, no - it’s like trying to remove the sugar from a baked cake.


perhaps this will do the trick



Well thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately the sonicworx software is Mac only (no PC version) and pretty expensive.

You could possibly do it with this, if they ever release the program, or you could apply for alpha-testing. Isolation is one of their claims and demonstrations:

Then again, you could try the Wavelab Spectrum Editor, or just plain old EQ. Try cutting a big chunk of the low frequency spectrum in the spectrum editor. The result will be very very crude, but maybe good enough to get rid of most of the bass, and crudely serve your original purpose. You’d probably have to find and cut the harmonics too.