Remove CB-LE9 after Upgrade to CB-Artist 9

Hi, recently I buyed Cubase Artist 9 and installed it on my desktop. It is working throught the USB-dongle like a charm.
CB-artist 9 was an update of CB-Elements 9, which is still on my computer.
For me it is no need to keep Elements 9 on my computer. There are also no projects in Elements 9 which I want to keep.
Can I simply delete Elements 9, without damaging Artist 9?
Or should I follow another ‘procedure’. Fyi. I use Window 10, 64 bit.
Thanks i.a. for helping me out.
Regards Ton

Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall just Cubase Elements, nothing else.

OK @Romantique, that’s what I thought too, but I was wondering if I perhaps accidently delete files which Artist 9 uses from LE9. So that’s the way I will do it. I assume each programm/version works independant from each other.
Thanks you for your quick reply, grtz. Ton