Remove cubase metronome from master meter?

Hi everyone, is there any way of removing the internal cubase metronome from going to the master meter and still be listenable on the main outs?
It affects the meter display and for me is distracting when working on soloed instrument with the click activated at same time.

Cubase does not send its metronome through the master bus and it therefore does not appear on the meter readout.
If it happens on your system it is more likely that you re-route the output back into Cubase somehow.

Or did you create an audio track as a click track?

Hi @Johnny_Moneto .
Correction, is not on the master meter , it is on the control room main meter. My bad.
From the image i show that everything in the session is muted and the click is the only thing that shows int the meter.
Let me know if i could explain my self eheh.

Ok, but if that disturbs you, can’t you just switch to the Master Meter tab?

Thats a possibility indeed xD

Basically the meters in the Control Room are there to make sure you don’t send a clipped signal to the outside world (>0.0dBFS). Signal monitoring should be done via the Master Meter.