Remove DC offset question

I have a small amount of DC offset in my files mastered in C7.5

Is it fine to use the ‘remove DC offset’ process after the fact? (post bounce 16b, dither render)

Best to do it before anything else, including mixing. Doing it after having done any post-output-fader processing runs the risk of shifting some samples already at or near maximum excursion into clipping.

I’m getting the dc offset when using Steinberg’s UV22… Are there known issues with this plugin?
Before Cubase I used Sonar & never had offset problems rendering any 16b dithered masters.

We use Ozone, and have never used UV22, so I cannot clarify.

To how much DC offset are you referring?


I just tried again to double check, using only UV22 on the track I get 0.07% dc offset where previously there was none.

I suggest raising an Issue on it.

Got it, thanks.