Remove duplicate notes in voice

Hi everyone

After “merging” the content of two staves into one (using chord input and “paste into voice”), I end up with some duplicate notes:


Is there any way to select/remove all duplicates? Or is there another approach merging the contents of two staves into one without creating duplicates?


You could use the in-built reduce function?

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A “remove duplicates” function would be very handy as well!


Thanks for the quick help, @Lillie_Harris. I tried that before but didn’t really understand what was going on. The fastest way for me is to cut both voices into the clipboard and then use Right-click → paste special → reduce in the upper system.

I have this exact same issue, but can’t see how the reduce function helps! It seems to just recreate the same music, at times adding in some extra notes!

Is there another solution… or clear instructions on how to use this one?! Thanks!

Update: I found a different solution.

I selected the passage, filtered for ‘top or single notes’ which arbitrarily chose one of each pair, and then hit the delete key.

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If you have 2 parts that you want to merge onto one staff, reducing is often the easiest way.

Dorico will put the notes into separate voices where their rhythms are different.

You might also find that when you select the original material pre-reducing, if you filter for notes before copying, you’ll get neater results (as Dorico isn’t then accommodating for slurs, lyrics, dynamics etc that might be different between otherwise-similar music).

If you want even more specific advice, you’ll need to share more information about your context.