Remove empty space between clips

Hello guys,
I’m about to start a job with a lot of edits…
Is there a simple way, a chortcut or anythin else that can remove the blank space between the clips on a track. Like, select all the clips, press whatever the key an boom, no more gaps :slight_smile:
see attached file.
Thank you guys, this might really speed up my workflow :slight_smile:

Use the Glue Tool:

Glued audio events (clips) will become an audio part, allowing you to move or edit all of them together as if they were a single element, similar to how MIDI parts work.

Hi, thx for the reply but I’m not sure that this will help me in my situation.
Let’s say I have 2 clips. C1 and C2.
There is and empty space between the two.
What I would like to do is not to fill the space with an audio conterner I would like the clip 2 next to clip 1 without any space. C2 just next to C1.
And I can’t find a shortcut that can do this easy like you can do in video editors like premiere or like Adobe premiere.

Oh, I see.

First set the snap mode to Shuffle:

Now select all audio parts that you want to join together except for the first, then drag them to the left.



Oh my goodness!
You are my hero ! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for this tip.

And now, let’s say I have 10 clips, all joint together by the technic above.
But now I need a bit more space between clip 4 and 5.
Is there a way to move clip 5 and all the other from 5 to 10 to the right, without having to zoom out select from 5 to 10 and them move to right.
Like a shortcut where I select clip 5 then press the Short cut and all clips from 5 to 10 are selected.
Or a way to add a bit of time where the cursor is set ?
Thank you very much

Select event #5, hold Alt (or mabye Ctrl, not sure) and doubleclick #5. All events to the right get selected.

Inserting a gap/silence you could use the tempo editor (not the tempo track, the individual window) and add bars (buttons on the right top) or the arranger track. Both are global to the project, they don’t affect just a single track. Selecting all events to the right of your first selected and dragging them with the mouse is probably more what you’re looking for.

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This is so good!
Thank you so much guys for these tips!
I’m gonna work more quickly now!
Thank you !!!

(1) The Shuffle-drag tip is the most useful (to me) and well-presented tip I’ve ever found here. Thank you! (2) The shift-double-click to select-all- to-the-right tip also good. I think the modifier is SHIFT (not alt or ctrl) on Cubase windows?

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