"Remove empty tracks" killed my track

  1. Add audio track
  2. Put “Generator” into the plugin chain
  3. Select “Remove Empty Tracks” from the menu
  4. Your audio track is gone.

It was an audio track without parts or events, but it played audio before. So can we call this empty? In this particular case, this was one of my noise generators for the track, and good luck there is undo…

Not a bug IMO. Where do you draw the line? A lot of plug-ins these days model noise so the simplest solution is to remove tracks without any events on them.

Good point!

And the simple solution is to implement “generator” as an VSTi, because it produces sound. Would solve this issue immediately.

Put an empty region on the track if you want it preserved

pencil tool and draw

Yeah - I think it needs to stay how it is. I run a mix template with all plugins on tracks and turned on, so it makes sense to me that if I don’t have say ‘acoustic gtr’ in this song it will remove the ac gtr tracks. Human brain still required somewhat here :wink:

I was afraid you would say so :wink: