remove event snap point ?

i never use the event snap point embeded in the audio files.
not only that but it was always source of problem for me.

for exemple bouncing a 8 channel surround in split channels lead to : first channel having a snap point the 7 others don’t. Now when you add these 8 channels on a new session they have an offset and really i wasted time before understanding where it came from.

so… is it possible to remove that feature somewhere ? to make sure bounced or recorded audio don’t have this ?

anyone reading this ?

You can’t remove them, globally, but you can drag them, manually, to the extreme left of the clip… i.e. the clip start (which would amount to the same result :wink: )

ok thx !
to bad that’s not an option on/off in the Preferences / Record / Audio

I created a quick macro (and shortcut key) which moves the snap point to the start of the selected clip. It moves the play cursor to the left of the selection then moves the snap point to the play position. Saves opening the clip and dragging. Might help.


that’s sweet, i’ll try to do that thanks !

so it’s 3 years later AND I STILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM

why why why is this stupid function not selectable.
i have done batches of hundreds of sounds and some of them have snap points (wonder why) and won’t align to ohters (multitrack)
how can i select hundred files and just remove snap points at once ?
:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

thx for help… bug work in process and loosing time

What snap setting are you using?

How are these created? Are they longer events that are rolled up so you only see part of the event?

Has anyone figured this out without macaros? I want snap points to be automatically at the beginning of events by default too. I’m using Nuendo 7 and it’s a similar problem. When I record audio, it automatically places snap points at the nearest grid size. Any way to turn that behavior off? Even when my grid size is 1 sample, it still places the snap point 1 sample after the event start.