Remove floating menu bar in windows

In windows can you please get rid of the floaty menu bar and embed it back inside the window please- its annoying and wastes space on my second monitor when I stretch mix across my dual monitor set up

I have no idea what you are talking about. Please explain in more detail and send screenshots or videos.

See screen grab…

It is also a pain because if you want to minimize Cubase you have to do it in 2 steps - minimize the Project and then minimize the Cubase program itself. No other Windows Program I use ever behaves this way.

It is weird for sure…
If I remember correctly this portion of the CB GUI was changed with the release on CB 8. CB seemed to conform to the windows standard prior to that.

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It happened when they changed it so other windows weren’t confined to the Project Window. It was an improvement in that you didn’t need to stretch the Project Window across multiple monitors in order to use those monitors. Wouldn’t want to go back to that. But still it should conform to standard Window behavior.

It’s weird but I’ve gotten used to it. The only thing that’s weird about it still for me now is when I’m moving windows between multiple desktops (now that windows 10 has the multi-desktop option), and the rectangle that represents Cubase is this super thin little bar. It’s especially thin because I’m on a 4k monitor lol…

I can’t remember if there’s much that it really affects for me now. I just wish the Cubase background and other panels/plugins would stay open when I click away onto the desktop or elsewhere.

While it isn’t available on all the various Windows, on the ones that let you set ‘always on top’ if you turn that off it will behave like a regular Window and not go away when Cubase looses focus. Of course now it can also get hidden behind another window.

Exactly, I don’t like the important windows getting lost behind other windows, so that’s not a good option.

Also, as far as minimizing cubase being complicated, I just never minimize Cubase anymore lol. I’ve been taking advantage of the multiple desktop features a LOT. I basically have a desktop for my Google Drive, Calendar, Keep, Email, etc… and another one for Cubase/RX/Revoice/etc… And then I’ll use another desktop or two for uploading or for graphics or whatever other random things I might need to do. If the multiple desktop feature didn’t exist, it would really suck though.