Remove from group or ungroup on linked dynamics

Something that puzzles me from time to time:
When I select a dynamic marking in a group, which is also linked to other staves, and select “remove from group” or “ungroup dynamics”, the dynamics get unlinked, but not ungrouped. There must be a reason, for unlinking, but why does the command doesn’t change the grouping, as I selected?

Maybe this thread answers it? Selecting Dynamics - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

It’s not an answer it’s more or less a workaround. If this is the way, like it should work in Dorico at the moment, it’s probably also an unhealthy UI in this case.

If you look at the context menu, there is a line between grouping and linking. Therefore I think, that everything above the line will change the grouping of dynamics and everything below the first line will change the linking of dynamics. But that’s not true. Also the naming of the options seems to be clear in one direction. Unfortunately, Dorico mixes grouping and linking in an unpredictable way. I’m sure, that everyone, who knows now how this works, have stumbled over this in the past.

I would prefer, if “remove from group” would do what it says and I will end up (in my case) with a single dynamic, which is linked to other single dynamics.
Anmerkung 2020-08-01 002512.png