remove gain?


is there a remove gain from region function like there is a remove fade ?
i see remove volume curve but these are the ones you draw with the pen tool correct ? (does nothing on gain.)

I think there is not a menu-function in Nuendo which lets you remove the gain you applied to an event.

Though, you probably knew already that you can easily reset the gain you applied to an event by command-clicking on “VOLUME” in the Info-Line which appears when you select an event? If “VOLUME” is not visible on this Info-Line, click the cog-wheel in the right of the Info-Line, in order to make “VOLUME” visible again. And if the Info-Line is not visible in your Project-Window, switch it back on in “Set up Window Layout” in the upper right corner of the Project-Window.

And yes: there is a different between “VOLUME” and “VOLUME CURVE”.
“VOLUME” is -indeed- a simple gain added to the entire event (by raising or lowering the white volume-line in the event, or by entering a positive or negative value in “VOLUME” in the Info-Line) while “VOLUME CURVE” is an envelope curve you can draw yourself by means of the DRAW-tool, and which stays within the event, wherever you move your event to.
With “VOLUME” you can add volume (=gain) but with “VOLUME CURVE” you can only subtract volume.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Not in front of my system, but if I remember well:

-Select all the events of a track
-Go to infoline and set volume to 0dB while holding shift(!?)

===>>> all of the clips will now be at 0dB.

Could be wrong about which function key to use though …


On Windows it’s “CTRL” key.