Remove Groove Agent SE when I have full version of Groove Agent 5

Now I have the full version of Groove Agent 5 I don’t think I need Groove Agent 5 SE. What is the best way to remove Groove Agent 5 SE and it’s associated media?

did you have double entries?
If not, don’t remove any, some content relates to both…

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Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

e.g. For kits I have
“SE Studio Kit” and “Studio Kit”
“SE Kits” and “Kits”
“The Kit SE” and “The Kit”
I guess in each case the former is for SE and the later for full version. Other kits were introduced when I installed the full version and some might well be for both as you say.

I don’t plan to use SE any more and I am just thinking of saving space. I’m tidy like that but I don’t want to screw up my system. Still got plenty of free disk space.

Use the Steinberg Library Manager, remove what you don’t want, and then uninstall GASE, however it will only free up about 280MB, which is not a lot by today’s storage capacities.

Personally I’ve left both installed because I sometimes exchange projects with Elements users – I can create a drum track for them that only uses GASE content.

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Thank you Mr Soundman for your sound advice.

Yes, 280 MB is not much space. GASE may be useful going forward and I do already have a couple of projects that use it. So I have decided not to be rash and I will keep GASE for the time being. But thanks to you I know how best to remove it should I decide to in future.