remove halion se from project ?


i’m test-driving cubase 8 elements limited edition on a pc [windows 7 enterprise sp1].

i imported a midi file into cubase, and not only were the midi tracks imported, but cubase also created tracks for the halion se synth. i don’t want it in my project, but unfortunately it seems like there’s no way to delete it ! the option to ‘remove selected tracks’ is unavailable. how do i get rid of this thing ?


Hi Dave

You go into preferences and under MIDI>Midifile>destination, tell cubase to load the midi file into midi tracks, then you can assign them to whatever you want.

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thanks for the quick reply, dave ! i’ll make sure i do that for future imports.

is there a way i can actually remove halion from this project now that it’s already in there ? i’ve already done some recording and editing in the project and i’d hate to start over.

thanks !

Hi There

Yes you can although, how, depends on whether the original import was to individual instrument tracks or midi tracks pointing at Halion. Just reassign each individual track and point them to whatever vst you want. Then remove Halion from the instrument rack.

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Took me a minute to figure out how to get rid of / change a VST synth in 8.
(f11) click on the synth name and select a new synth or no vst instrument.

excellent ! just what i was looking for.
thanks to both of you for helping me get this resolved. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the image and all of you. I don’t know why they have used text boxes instead of dropbox or… there.

I have also the problem that I can’t remove the halion and I don’t understand how to connect the midi tracks (from an imported midi file) with Vienna Ensemble. Please look at my attached screenshot

By the way, in a video I saw how this is done by using kontakt. Is this really necessary and if so, why?

G. Prengel

Windows 10, Vienna Special Edition 1, Cubase 9.5 Testversion

Hi mate i had this issue could not delete halion , it had put its self on my project, what i did was F11 key on windows pc to bring up the midi window, find the halion in there and literally click on the middle of the halion sonic se text and it takes to the window where you can choose another vst and just choose no vst instrument from the list right at the top

I usually only use instrument tracks rather than the midi track for my vsts.

Hope this helps someone

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