remove iconica cubase 10

I made the mistake of installing iconica into my system (cubase 10 pro) to try them out, now every time I load up cubase I get this message

some contents could not be loaded

presets for iconica ensembles

how on earth do I remove them ? I dont want to purchase them and I no longer want them on my system. can anyone help me ?

You should be able to remove them using the Steinberg Library Manager.

I tried that but it didn’t work, it complained about even more missing files, I just want to completely remove it

What exact error message are you getting? Could you post a pic or the message verbatim, including any buttons that appear? (like Remove, Ignore, etc…)

Did you install using the default file locations, or on a different drive?

I installed everything to default locations. The message box gave me this message

Some content could not be loaded. Either licenses are missing or trial licenses have expired

presets for Iconica Ensembles

find out how to activate your trial licenses permanently or removed expired licenses

the either ‘OK’ or ‘More details’

I followed the installation procedure to the letter, but I started getting this message out of the b lue

Perhaps you could try to run the eLicenser Control Center and run ‘Maintenance’.

Reinstall Iconica, then open the Steinberg Library Manager, find Iconica and click ‘Remove’.

Did that help?