Remove license from elicenser?

It’s probably not specific to Dorico but that’s the only program by Steinberg that I’m using, so here we go:

I have kind of an obsession with keeping my computer clean from old software and I’m currently using Dorico 4 with HALion Sonic 7 (that came shipped within the Download Manager). In the eLicenser I see a license for Dorico Pro 3.5 and HALion Sonic SE 3, and I’d like to remove them. How’s this done? It’s driving me crazy.

I believe you can only remove permanent licenses in your eLicenser by receiving a special activation code from our support team. You could alternatively delete the local eLicenser license file, but you’d then have a problem if for some reason you did ever need to use a Soft-eLicenser product in future (however unlikely that may be) because you wouldn’t have a functioning Soft-eLicenser on your system.

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