Remove locators

Before you export you have to set the locators up top and that highlights the whole song. After export you can just drag the flags back to the start point…or is there a key command that sets the flags back to start and un highlights the track…?


No, there is no Command to set the Left and y Right Locators to the start, sorry.

If you don’t mind the Cursor would also go to the start, you can make a Macro:

  • Go to Start
  • Set Left Locator to the Cursor
  • Set Right Locator to the Cursor

Not sure, if this might help your work-flow, but I typically set up different Cycle Markers for different parts of my project.

Since it’s ok for Cycle Markers to overlap in time, one of those Cycle Markers covers the entire range to be exported - including whatever little silences I want at the beginning and end of the project.

And many other Cycle Marker ranges cover the various parts of the project that I’m working on.

Double clicking on one of those Cycle Markers sets the Locators to the left and right side of the Cycle Marker.

I haven’t done this (yet), but I think one can possibly achieve even more workflow automation with Key Commands and/or Macros, so a single key-stroke (or input from a midi remote control) sets the Locators to a set of predefined the desired ranges.

Marker Tracks combined with Key Commands and Macros have quite a bit of interesting workflow automation potential.

I do the same with an “export range” Cycle Marker in my Templates. If the only reason you are moving the Locators around is for Exporting, you don’t really need to do that - the Export dialog will let you use Cycle Markers directly to set what gets Exported.

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