Remove music from movie audio

Maybe this should be in Spectralayers section, but, since Nuendo is primarily for Movie-related audio I’ve chosen this section.
I’m often doing scoring for movies, but the edits received are renders which have temporary, suggested music, baked in. Yes, I can ask for the render to be done without this music included, and often that’s fine. But occasionally I can’t get the guy and need to be able to remove JUST this temp music myself to make progress. (i.e. I need to keep all the other sounds, dialogue, foley etc etc. ) What’s the best way you’ve found to do this please? If it is Spectralayers, as I suspect it must be, what is the best unmix mode to use it in please? Thanks!

You’ll be wasting a lot of time calculating things in Spectralayers for a so-so result, when a quick email or phone call to the assistant editor will get you a video file with Dialogue/FX on track 1 and Music on track 2. :wink:

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Yeah. I agree. You’d think there’d be a dedicated function tho. Ho hum. Thanks for the reply.

I’m not aware of a specific function to “demusicify” audio, but you can combine functions to get the desired operation. It depends on your program material.

You can try, for starters
Unmix noisy speech (if it is basically dialog + music)
Voice DeNoiser (music setting)
Unmix Stems (and then mute all the instruments it finds, and see what you are left with)
Unmix components ( and try to get rid of tonal stuff)

And remember that you can always go to any layer and remove extra stuff manually, or do further processing on each ne layer separately.

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Thanks. Yes, I did that kind of thing. But I was wondering if there might be a one-pass solution I’d missed. And I’d expect there probably should be especially when using it via Nuendo

Not exactly what you are looking for, but we will be releasing a series of Tutorials in which we will take a deep dive into Spectralayers AI Tools t for Audio Post Production work.
…and as a quick start in part1 we explore the outlines of the new and Powerful AI Unmix Song Module to rescue an old Documentary clip.

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Honestly, easiest way is to make it known in your contract that you require an edit without temp music. That way if they deliver with it in it’s less of a back and forth headache with the questioning “why do you need it this way” nonsense.

Kind of hard to de-bake a cake, so to say. Even with the best tools your edit will be artifact-y and might make it annoying to score to.