Remove old product license from dongle

There is a license for an old product that I never use, so I want to remove its license from my eLC dongle. A Search of the forums came up with answers that one can’t delete a license, one can only transfer it to another dongle. But in the LCC Help file it clearly states “- To remove a license that you do not need and don’t want to remain on your eLicenser anymore, please click the respective license’s “Remove License” button (in the “Licenses” list).
An Internet connection is required to complete the process. Please follow the onscreen instructions.” But there isn’t any button that I can see. Also, in Actions I also see a Remove license entry…but it’s grey’d out. So can one remove a license…or not?? If we can’t, then what is the purpose of saying in the Help file that we can and having a menu item that suggests we can? Very confusing.


This button is available for old Trial licenses only, as far as I know.