remove or extend tracking limit

Is there any way to turn off the tracking limit or at least extend it. I often have files that are 10 to 30 minutes long and want to draw gestures into those files using harmonic selection that are 5 minutes long - or longer.

Right now no, you’re limited to 15 seconds - this to avoid consuming too much resources while tracking harmonics. That being said, the limit could be extended further in the next patch, but I’m curious about your use case here.
Do you really have continuous tones that last for 5 minutes ? Do they change over time, or is it always the same frequency ?
Because in the latter case, you could as well use the Rectangular Selection tool and draw 5min selections around each of your frequencies.

Thanks Robin - my use case is complex sound files that change over time.
At the moment I can select a thin frequency tool and draw in a complex gesture that is constantly changing - for simplicity think of maybe a selection that is only a few Hz wide that looks like a sine wave varying in frequency over 20 minutes. That is fine, I can do that now. But I would like to be able to do that plus capture the harmonics - probably not 10 but certainly 4. I see two ways to achieve that - firstly the harmonics are selected in real time, secondly the thin selection is made as one can do now and then the option to add harmonics is made. I am fine either way.
I would use this as a compositional tool - a lot. But sound designers in general would find this handy I think

i agree, even if my workflow somewhat different, not that, but every source is different, and every workflow has it’s own signature…
but i use spectralayers pro 6 mainly for sounddesign. but the tracking limit, is for me too limited, but you can of course, extend selections. which also works, but a longer time… 20 minutes is also for me a long time… but longer, would be great as an option.
and yes my samples, from scratch are mainly, not that static, but not thát dynamically, it depends of course. when they aren’t that dynamically, spectralayers is the tool, to experiment to add more tonality.

EDIT: and yes i have also complex samples, longer ones, the tracking limit, i use of course add to selection, but for a faster workflow…
it cost recoursces, enough GB, and scratch drives… but it is for the end result (and i am used to wait for rendering for video…).
but i notice the track limit, cuts me off. as fairlyclose says, i am now used to it, but still, as a possibility? why not.

I’ll see if some optimizations can be done in that area for long selections, but the time limit will be extended in the next patch anyway.


So… I’ve done some optimizations, the frequency selection algorithm is now 4 to 8 times faster.
Therefore I just plain and simply removed the time limit in the next patch :slight_smile:


Good stuff Robin…

should this be posted in this thread though…?


Woops you’re right, wrong thread ! I moved the posts :slight_smile: