"Remove Overlaps" function: either I'm doing something wrong, or it's useless for me

Right-clicking an audio event that is overlapping another audio event, there is a menu “To front → Remove overlaps”. This removes the overlap of the selected event. As expected.

But: This doesn’t have a shortcut.

Instead there’s a shortcut for Audio → “Delete Overlaps”. When selecting an event that is in Front of another event, this function doesn’t do anything. When sending it to Back, then it will remove the overlap in the same manner as the right click option.

The problem is that the “Send to back” command automatically deselect the current event and select the Front event.

On top of that, I can’t find any way of toggling selection between overlapping events. Without sending it to either front or back.

The combination of these “features” makes it impossible to create a keyboard macro for “Remove Overlaps” to work as expected. This is an ESSENTIAL function when editing audio. If this function is overlooked, it’s almost a deal breaker for me even continuing using Nuendo.

The only workaround is to have two shortcuts for delete overlaps: one if you want to remove the overlap of the start, and another for removing an overlapping tail (using Navigate → Left/Right to select the rear event).

Help, please.

I’ve bypassed the function using a Keyboard Maestro macro, sending the event to back, clicking the mouse (that will be on top of the event as it has just been selected) then doing “Delete Overlaps”. It’s a blunt but currently working workaround.

Edit: Doesn’t work on MIDI Events. But “Right Click - Remove Overlaps” does. WHY doesn’t this have a keyboard shortcut? It would have solved everything.

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I’d love a keycommand for that too

How do you get the" remove overlaps" when you right click tho ?

WHY is this not fixed yet? It’s a simple Key Command. Just add it.