remove overlaps on multiple objects

Hi there
I’m aware of how to remove overlaps on a single object/event (click the down arrow at the bottom middle of that object and select accordingly), but does anyone know how to remove overlaps from multiple selected objects at once?


This probably won’t work, it’s a crazy idea, but if you’re out of others it might be worth a try.

When comping in different lanes, ALT-O I believe deletes all the overlaps. Maybe if you select all the overlaps and do an ALT-O the same thing would happen.

Another way might be to select all the overlaps and try a bounce. Or if they are all on one track, and you don’t mind the whole track being bounced, do that.

BTW, I didn’t know about the part of your reply I bolded. I’ll have to check that out - thanks!

Good call! Alt-0 or whatever you set it up to be as a custom command does do them all at once.