Remove project files out the project assistant

Is it possible that the project files can be removed out the project assistant right away.
It is to much work/trouble to remove project files now
Can this not be improved for Cubase 6.5 ?

Right click on the relevant template?

I would like to be able to remove un-necessary (old, obsolete) project files in the Project Assistant more easily as well, they do accumulate over time as new versions are saved.

Does anyone know where the Project Assistant saves these files so they can be deleted without deleting the relevant .cpr files?


Right click -> show in explorer -…!?

…-Then move them to a different folder…?

Thanks t.c., I’ll try that.


No, that was not it, too long winded. What I think the original poster and I were after is the ability to edit the “recent files list” directly, or do that from the Project Assistant.

The other way is just too time consuming. So, does anyone know where the Project Assistant saves these “recent files list” files?

Thanks anyway,


This has been asked for before, to be able to just remove from the list. It should be easier indeed!

One workaraound is to rename the project folder of the project you want out of the list. Upon starting the assistant, it will now (after selecting it? I’m not sure) ask for this project and give you the option to remove it from the list. Rename the folder again and it’s done.


The project assistant does not save the recent projects list, it refers to the files themselves directly. The recent project list is stored in the defaults.xml

I hope that Steinberg this will fix ( if possible ? ) :slight_smile: