Remove rests for kits not working

Hello all.

I am working on an opera and need to force the end of each scene (e.g. each flow) to show a cautionary time signature for the next scene. I did this by adding an extra bar, changing the meter, removing the final barline and reming the rests in the empty bar. This worked beautifully in the vocal score, but now I’m orchestrating I’ve encountered a problem:

All the rests can be removed via the ‘Remove Rests’ except for those that appear as part of a percussion kit. I have tried forcing duration and adding rests manually, then trying to remove them, but no joy. I started to accept that it might not be possible and so tried to custom scale to 1% and tried changing the alpha channel / transparency to zero, but neither work.

Hopefully the attached screenshot explains things (it’s the final couple of bars of a scene, one of which is the empty bar described above) - the two full bar rests you can see are for woodblocks and temple blocks, each arranged as a percussion kit.

Can anyone suggest a way of either removing the rests or a new approach to forcing a cautionary time signature at the end of the flow?

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Unfortunately you cannot at present edit the rests in percussion kits. I’m not sure there’s going to be a good solution in this case; normally I would suggest that you can set the note that is producing the additional rest into one of the two extra percussion voices provided for this purpose, but I don’t think that will be possible in this instance.

How about adding a note and then scaling that to 1%?

Daniel, Leo - thank you for your suggestions.

I managed to find a neat workaround based on Leo’s idea:
delete rests fix.jpg
I manually altered note spacing to make the final bar as small as possible including the erroneous rest.
Added a note to the part, which forces it off the end of the stave, and reduced it to 1%.

A perfectly easy (and neat) approach in this circumstance :slight_smile:

Phew! Back to orchestration!