Remove Selected Channel in MixConsole (Right-Click or Key Command)

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to delete/remove a channel in the MixConsole.
Surely, this feature can’t be missing after all these years?!?!

Did that today.
Google is your friend.
To remove selected tracks, select Project > Remove Selected Tracks. Click the track first.

Yes thank you for pointing out that Menu option at the top.

I was hoping to use the keyboard shortcut for that command (SHIFT-DEL), or just be able to right-click the track in the MixConsole and see “Remove Selected Track” on the menu… but none of those 2 things are possible. There’s no right-click menu item for that and the shortcut doesn’t work in the MixConsole. :frowning:

Yeah, you have to do it from the project window. A big gripe of mine

Geez I can’t believe this hasn’t been integrated yet by the Steinberg engineers. Surely, this must have been on the list of Feature Requests?


I regularly delete any kind of channel from any of the 4 mix consoles. Project page is not even in focus.

I’m not sure it matters, but check sync visibility of project with mix console is checked.

EDIT: Well I just checked and its a macro. :grinning:

  1. Project>bring to front (now it will be in focus)
  2. Project>remove selected tracks

Ahh, yeah that’s actually a clever macro that I’m going to steal - thanks!

Nice one.

Here’s another that also bring you back to the Mixer. (Though it won’t work well if you have any Cubase windows minimized)

Be in the mix console

del ch from mxcnsle

| Windows - Minimize
| Project - Bring To Front
| Project - Remove Selected Tracks
| Windows - Restore All



Thanks alot for this.
I created the macro and assigned CTRL-DEL to it.
So I now have…
CTRL-DEL for Remove Selected Channel from MixConsole
SHIFT-DEL for Remove Selected Track in Project Window

However, Steinberg needs to add this to the right-click menu options or consolidate so that the one command works in both Project Window AND MixConsole.

The focus can be either on a track in the project page or a track in any mux console. The little 2-step macro i listed should work.

Im not sure why you belive you should have 2 seperate functions unless your parject page does not sync with your mix console?

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Oh, right - thanks I missed that.
The macro does work in the Project Window too, so I guess I’ll just use THAT moving forward.
I’m pretty sure most people are not aware of that and we shouldn’t have to create a macro for such a basic and common function. Thanks for educating those of us who will happen to see this thread.

Just tried the macro and works perfectly - I’m so glad I saw this haha.

And yeah, can just assign it to DEL key and it works in both mix window and project window. nice!

thanks @Greg_Purkey

I have seen over time where I think (macros, PLEs and LE functions) eventually turn into a normal Cubase tab/drop down function and listed as a new feature. Then someone proclaims they have been “cheated” because it’s not a new feature, and you could always do that with the above…LOL

A right-click on a track in the Project Page>remove selected tracks should always work.

The issue here is when you have a mix console track in focus, which means the track is also highlighted on the project page, but the project page isn’t focused so you need to Bring To Front then delete.

Anyway, good you got it worked out.

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