Remove Selected Tracks doesn't always work

Recently upgraded to Cubase Pro 13 from 12 Pro on Windows 10.
My M.O. for multi-tracking vocals (clunky, I know, but it’s always worked for me):
Loop the track and record a bunch of takes. Create Tracks from Lanes. Copy my fave takes. Select lanes and Remove Selected Tracks. Drag Event to the bottom of the timeline and Disable. Paste and Bounce copied takes.

Since the upgrade, I’ve found that the whilst they are removed from the timeline, some of the removed selected tracks persist in the mix window. I can mute and hide them, but I’d rather not have to.

Is there a setting in 13 that I need to tweak or is this a bug?


Could you please make a video screen recording? I’m a bit confused by the terminology, you are using.

Where do you Copy (Paste?) the takes?

Do you Select the lanes, or the tracks?

What do you mean by this? Do you have a track prepared, where do you move the Audio Event to?

Where do you Paste to? Which track is selected?

Thanks, so much, for your reply.
I’m not sure if a video screen recording would help, even if I knew how do such a thing.
I included my process for the sake of context, but the material part of my query is that ‘Remove Selected Tracks,’ which has served me well through Cubase Pro versions 9 through 12, no longer seems to work consistently.