Remove smaller time signatures

Hello. How do I remove the small time signatures from these two staves? Can’t seem to find it in either engraving options or layout options.

You could try activating the option on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options to treat all instruments between brass and strings as a single group.

Yes, that’s what I thought should have worked, but it didn’t.
I found that the only thing that worked, was placing the oud and hot rods in that specific order between the trombone and the tuba. So it seems to me that the problem might just be a glitch in this session.

I guess you must have custom brackets and braces set up in this project. Have you tried removing the bracket and brace changes?

Do you mean “reset to factory”? If so, yes. Didn’t work.

I think what Daniel meant was removing any orange signpost (brackets and braces changes) in your file. You must enable signposts to be visible (which is a very common advice I’d give to anyone using Dorico—make sure you have a good shortcut key to toggle their visibility, it’s a very important tool). My 2c.

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Okay, I see.
I went to View → Signposts, and the “Brackets and Barlines Changes” is turned on (doesn’t say “braces”). Always has been visible as far as I’m aware.
I tried toggling it on and off, but it had no effect the small time signatures.

You could give the Hot Rods and Oud staves independent time signatures and hide them:

To give a staff an independent time signature, select the first note or rest in that staff, press Shift-M, type the desired time signature (4/4 in this case), and press Alt/Opt-Return. To hide the independent time signature, open the properties panel in the lower zone and enable the property Hide time signature.

Great, thanks!