Remove Space of a Fake Coda

Is there a way to remove the space created at the beginning of the system when creating a Coda?

Change the key and create a fake coda so that the key change does not appear in the previous system.

Yes, Engraving Options—Repeat Markers. There’s an option to set the space of a mid-system coda gap.

sorry I can’t find the option

Look in Repeat Markers—repeat jumps—gap.

Done! Thanks @dan_kreider.
I was mistakenly searching in the options Layout

If you don’t specifically need consecutive bar numbers, you could also do this using separate flows for each system?

I think is possible use diferente flows and then make a custom flow with separate music frames. But in this case works fine like Dan said

I’d recommend looking into using separate flows, if indeed these are entirely separate pieces/extracts of music. That’s what flows are intended to do; using a coda and hiding it is a workaround.

For example, if you made each exercise a separate flow, allow flows on the same page as previous flows, edit the Flow Title paragraph style to be a bit smaller and left-aligned (rather than center), and remove the flow number from the flow heading, you’ll get the result you’re looking for with the added bonus of not having to move the text items you’re using for the exercise headers manually in Engrave mode.

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