Remove SSL virtual Ports

I know this isn’t strickly cubase issue but i’ve had it with SSL - Does anyone know how to remove the 18 virtual MIDI ports it installs when you buy a UC1 or something like that?

That’s done using Windows Device Manager if that’s what you are using. Cubase makes available all the ports the OS says exists.

If you just want to hide them from view use Studio Setup

I am on a mac but thank you i never thought of hinding them. Still, that doesn’t work for all the othr software i use etc.

Then I’m sure @Martin.Jirsak knows what to use there.


Same on Mac. Cubase shows the MIDI Ports the system provides. You can either uninstall the driver or remove it in the Audio MIDI Setup macOS utility.

ok just to reiterate, (and perhaps theres a more general ‘midi/plugin audio forum’ you could point me to) I understand how cubase works in the sense that it’ll pick up and display what ever is available as available, I don’t think i’ve seen any DAW that doesn’t do it this way - Im asking, how can i get rid of these ports. I don’t know where they get ‘installed’ to on a mac, or if i can just throw them in the bin without doing anything else. I can’t remove it from the audio MIDI setup as i would with anything else because they’re not there. Anyone who has installed one of the modern UA devices will know what I mean. Sorry if im not explaning it very well

I’ve just had a thought, they might get installed with Luna, but i don;'t really want to get rid of luna, i quite like it :frowning:


If your question is, how did they appear in your system, then I expect, you installed them with some SSL driver.

Jesus. If anyone else is feeling helpful; knows how to remove the 18 or so midi ports that get installed with SSL plugins/Luna can you please get in touch with me.

I know this doesn’t help but for any Windows folks with a similar problem

  • Open Device Manager
  • Right+Click on the MIDI Driver you want to remove and choose Uninstall

Martin says this is where you do that on a Mac, so did you try that?

In Windows Go to Device Manager
Choose Software Devices
You should see SSL V-MIDI Ports 1-12
now disable the ones you don’t need on your system.
Restart CPU, these should no longer appear.

Hello Jon
Thanks, did exactly as described above (disabled SSL V Midi ports 3-12 in windows device manager) but they are still showing in my Nuendo 13 Studio setup after restart…
Am hesitant to fully deinstall the midi ports…
Any idea what I’m missing?
Thanks and regards