Remove the expired trial license from the account


Hi @Ed_Doll , could you please try removing my exp’d “VST Live Pro” trial license too? (what kind of detail do I need I to share with you?)


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Thank you @Ed_Doll :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, I have the same problem with expired trials :wink: thank you in advance !

@Luca_Resorion I’ve removed your expired trial now.

@ben_at_steinberg or @Ed_Doll : hi, I’ve just got Cubase Pro 13 from 12. Is it possible to remove the expired Cubase Pro 13 trial form my Steinberg Activation Manager? Thanks!


Many thanks @Ed_Doll !

Can you remove expired Nuendo and Halion 7 trial licence from my account. Thanks, Colin Dougall (

Hi @Ben_at_Steinberg , i have also ‘Cubase Pro 12’ and ‘Dorico Pro 4’ expired trials . Can you please remove them?

Could my trial license be removed too, please? I did raise a support ticket weeks ago but never heard anything back. Thank you in advance :smiley:

Hi @Ed_Doll ,
can you please delete trial licenses from my account?


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Me too, please!
I also received two vouchers for Simon Philips Jazz Drums, used one, and the other is still there expired:

Thank you so much!

hi @Ed_Doll , can you please remove my trials?
(cubase 12 and Dorico 4)



… no love for me? :cry: