Remove Tracks that Could not be Connected


I’m getting an issue with getting a message “remove tracks that could not be connected”.

I have an instrument track that has Stereo 2 and 3 activated so I have long articulations going to Stereo 2 and Shorts going to Stereo 3. Longs go to a long strings bus and shorts go to a short string bus, which then goes to a Master.

When I disable the tracks, save and quit and then re-open the file I get that “remove tracks message”. Then Stereo 2 and 3 channels default to Stereo Out instead of the Long and Short bus that they were set to before.

Does anyone have any solutions to this issue?


Could you attach an example project, please?

Sure @Martin.Jirsak, I’ll DM you the link. Thanks!


I downloaded the project. I opened it and I enabled the “CSSS - Violin 1 Solo” track (was it correct)? Unfortunately I don’t have the plug-in, so it might be different here. But as an Output I got “01 String Long”. Is this expected behaviour?

Could you reproduce it with some other Instrument (for example HALion Sonic SE) and the same kind of routing/setup, please?

So I get this message every time I open the project.
Remove Tracks.jpg
I click ok. When I look at the routing it should be connected to “01 String Long”, which it is now, but sometimes I’ve had it where it routes it straight to “Stereo Out” and also seems to duplicate the stereo 1 channel, which I then have to delete.

As far as I know the routing I’ve done is pretty standard. It’s like having a Drum instrument track that splits into “Snare”, “Bass Drum” etc - they go into Drum Bus - which then goes to Mix Bus - which then goes to Stereo Out.

So I’m not sure why every time I reopen the project I keep getting the message even if those tracks do work. Unless you can see if there’s something strange that I’ve done in the setup.

Getting same thing inconsistently with latest 12.0.30 - sometimes when loading a project instruments won’t load and then it asks if you want to rmove tracks. Pretty destructive situation as if you click remove and then don’t realise and save, you’ve lost that track. How come there is no response to this request in 3 years?

Looks normal to me that if you disable an instrument track that has multi-out enabled, and save the project, when you open the project again you will be asked to remove the tracks, because since the instrument is disabled, the multi-out channels are not connected to it anymore.

If you save the project with all the tracks enabled, do you still get the message ?