Remove tracks that could not be connected??

I’ve got two projects which are virtually identical, one was created by a SaveAs… and the other a while later with the Ctrl-Alt-S incremental save.

However, when I load the incremental saved version I get a dialogue asking to ‘Remove tracks that could not be connected?’ and there are no VSTi plugins in the rack anymore. In the normal SaveAs version all present and correct.

Has anyone ever had this problem, is this a corrupt project due to a bug?

I can’t see how the plugins could disappear from the Rack but still be in the project window…

Having the same issue here with a cb 6 (i think) project trying to load in cb 8, I have all the plugins but says it cant connect? Mine seem to be all knontakt instances and libraries. Did you ever get a fix for this?
Thanks, 3 years on, Pat.

Wow, I barely remember posting that one :smiley:

I found no resolution, sorry, and you can see I had no other reply either… I also haven’t ever seen it again since then, so I guess it’s a very, very rare issue.

In this case I was lucky because I had a saved version that worked and I went back to that one and created instrument presets which I then loaded back into the latest (failing) project.

It’s not a new thing to find a project doesn’t load back in, so I personally always SaveAs projects rather than overwriting, using my own incremental number, then I have a good history that I can fall back on. I also keep auto-save on every 5 minutes, but occasionally this can stop working so constant manual saves always help.

Having said all that, the latest versions of Cubase, e.g. v9 is very stable for me, so I rarely get crashes and I don’t think I’ve had a project which doesn’t load again for a few years… In other words it’s not all doom and gloom and unreliability!!