Remove Unwanted Reverb!

Title says it all. I’ve got reverb in one of the channels and I don’t see where it’s coming from. I hate it. I never want reverb - what a nuisance it is! Yeah, anyway, I’m using Cubase AI (bought in 2015), with the Steinberg UR44 on a Mac - for the most part everything is current (software-wise). I don’t see any reverb added (like an insert) to the affected channel - the effects send/return (UR44 FX Bus) is at negative infinity.

Any ideas?


I’m guessing it’s a MIDI channel and you’ve routed it to a VSTi that has built-in reverb – check the VSTi in that case.

  1. I got the same issue except without any midi track.
    pls help.

  2. Can I upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 at Eur169.99
    by downloead without buying the USB- Elicenser ?

Thank you.

My gear is
UR242 on
Cubase LE AI Elements 10 (bundle).
WIndows 10 64bit
Rode NT2A microphone

  1. What kind of track then?

  2. No. Cubase Pro requires hardware protection in the form of the USB eLicenser.

  1. (Audio) I am trying to record vocals.
  2. Is it possible to download the USB elicnser instead ?

Thank you.

  1. It is much easier to avoid reverb in the first place than to try to fix the recording afterwards. You need to record your audio in a room that does not have reverb. You could also try something simple like hanging a duvet behind the microphone to absorb the reflected sound. What you want to do is address the poor acoustics of the room by removing the natural reverb. Check out some articles like this:
    Recording Vocals In The Computer Studio

  2. No. The USB eLicenser is hardware, and as far as I know hardware cannot yet be downloaded.

Thank yoou.

  1. My environement didn’t change annd recordings with my ealier cubase didn’t have any unwanted reverb.

  2. Waa, cubase agent has the pro 10 but they cant match your current online offer.
    If I download cubase 10, will e-licenser from local agent work with the downloaded software?

This is way off topic…

The license for the Cubase Artist & Pro 10 versions are stored on a physical USB eLicense dongle. You need to have that device (or purchase it) and have it connected to the computer you want to use Cubase on.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Back on topic (we can’t really deal with licensing issues – we’re just Cubase users like you, best raise a support ticket through your MySteinberg account for that).

So you have an audio track that you recorded in Cubase LE AI Elements 10 using a UR242 – correct? If there is unwanted reverb then perhaps you have loaded a reverb plugin somewhere in the signal chain. See if you can audition the raw recording by opening the pool window (Media menu -> Open Pool Window) then select the file you recorded and play it from within that window. Is the reverb is then gone?

Yes. If you buy a USB eLicenser locally, you can download the software, and activate the license on that USB eLicenser.

I’ve purchased the box version.
Thank you.