Remove VST Instrument from Plug-in Manager

How do I remove a VST instrument from the VST Plug-In Manager? I want to remove the old Play_VST_64. I have read the manual and checked searches but all I can find is that the best you can do is to Hide it. Can I get it out of the list altogether?

Click the plugin name and choose “No VST Instrument”

This question is asked so often that you’d think Steinberg would recognise it as a UI flaw and do something about it.

That’s not what the OP is asking.

It kind of depends on how you have Play installed, but it is easy either way. Go to the Plug-In Manager and select Play in the main list on the left. Make sure the bottom is set to “Show Plug-in Information” and find the file pathname where Play is loaded in your OS. If Play is the only plug in that location you can just remove the path in Plug-in Manager and Cubase won’t find it anymore. However if multiple plugs are in that location (very likely)then you won’t want to remove the path. So in the OS go to that folder and delete the Play dll. If you want to keep Play on your computer for other programs to use then move it to a new folder that Cubase isn’t scanning for plugs.

Excellent, that solved it. As there were other plug-ins there I simply deleted the .dll. Thanks raino.

(dathho.I knew the fix you mentioned but as raino has said, that wasn’t my question. Thanks anyway!)