Remove VST Rack Instrument

in Cubase 8 Artist, how do you remove a Rack Instrument?

Thank you!

This one got me as well.
It’s very easy once you know the “secret” though (and believe me, this one had me baffled for a couple of days)

What you have to do is click on the instrument’s name in the rack and select “no VST instrument”.
See attached GIF file below
VSTi boo-boo.gif

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I was looking for an hour before I found this posting

This should be a sticky! Had me baffled for ages :smiley:

NeilWilkes you are the man! That was no easy to find even though it’s in front of you. I was so frustrated until I found this post. You should get some kind of honorary award to helping us!


This has had me bewildered for a year!


I cannot take the credit - I could not see this either and was told by someone whose name I have sadly forgotten.

The question is, why is it so ridiculously intuitive to do so many things in Cubase? When you right click this and the options come up one should be “remove instrument”…

… and a big THANK YOU from me too!

Excellent!!!, your thread help me out… Too tricky by Steinberg that deletion way design.

4 years on from the original, another big THANK YOU :slight_smile:
Was driving me mad!

thanks. same… insane.

2020 … this is still super confusing.

LOL bump! Just happened to me as well :laughing:

Something inside me says this should not be so difficult!

Anyway thanks man.

Please, is there a way to automatically remove unused rack instruments? Thank you in advance.

This had me stumped at one session too… until I saw “No VST instrument” on the menu list.