Remove XP/Load Windows 7?

Just as background, I get petrified when I think of doing computer tasks beyond a certain level. For example, if I knew I actually had to repartition or anything like that tomorrow, I’d probably have nightmares all night, for fear of messing up the computer forever.

Having said that: I’ve got a nice but old Carillon computer, which is described in my sig, and it runs XP SP3. I’ve also got a UAD-1 card that is about 5 or 6 years old, and some software which is old too (Pinnacle, Nero, Jamstix, Melodyne, etc.). I run a Yamaha Motif Classic in by USB. Everything works VERY nicely, and I’m very happy with the system’s performance.

But - I’ve decided to take the plunge to save up and buy C6. That automatic tempo mapping for freely played audio is something I’ve been waiting for since I was an embryo! I see that for most people C6 works just fine on XP (if the proper netframe is downloaded).

I was just wondering, however - how much of a bear would it be to “trade out” XP for Windows 7 on my current computer? Is there a site that explains the pros/cons, tips/tricks of doing that? I’d hate to find out, after the fact, that some of my essential programs or cards don’t work with W7. And I can’t really can’t afford to also buy a new soundcard, new UAD-1 cards, etc., etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks!

I would personally suggest you try cubase 6 on XP instead. If everything is fine as it is, it could be risky to upgrade, as you might lose compatibility with some of your older hardware. You could at least try Cubase 6 in XP first, and if it doesn’t work good enough look at W7 again. The fact that Cubase6 is not supported on XP doesn’t mean it won’t work :wink:

Yah, will do - thanks Strophoid!

I went in at the deep end, before anyone had confirmed that C6 worked on XP.

All I did was buy a new hard drive and added it to my existing XP system. I swapped things over so the new drive was C and installed Windows 7 onto that, leaving my old XP drive still connected (there if I needed it) but booting from the new one. Just giving myself a safety net in case there were any issues.

There weren’t, and I’m running Windows 7 full time. The old drive is still connected but it’s just spare storage now.


How did you get all your projects over - just thumb drive it, etc.?

I have backups on a networked storage space anyway, so I just copied stuff over from there.

It does take a while to make sure you’ve got all your progs and files from the old drive on the new one, but it’s pretty painless when both drives are connected and accessible.

The release of C6 just happened at the time when I was getting low on drive space anyway, so I was on the verge of buying a bigger one. I just combined that job with installing Win 7 and C6…

hi alexis
why not buy a second drive as they are cheap thats a good idea from groovindj but to be quite honest ,more people are having issues with compatibility with win 7 32 and 64 then they are with xp so i personally would load c6 on the xp drive and use that as it is very stable untill all the issues with 3 party plugins are sorted on win 7 and at the same time start loading the second drive with it and experiment as ive heard to make it worth while upgrading and make your system run perfect on win 7 you have to do a lot of tweeking ,so in that respect you always have your very stable xp to fall back on !


Wow, my first reaction was, "You’ve got to be kidding! (referring to Steinberg, not you, John!), then I remembered from the old days how stability usually wasn’t so hot until the X.1 or X.2 versions, so I guess I’m not surprised!

Yes, I will definitely run it on XP for a while first … and as a results of all these helpful posts, will put off even thinking about W7 for quite a while.

BTW - is there a C6 “bug list” on this site? I see C5 in a bug list, but nothing for C6.


yes there is a bug list at the top of the c6 forum.

im the same alexis im just waiting till IMO win 7 and the 3rd party plugins be come compatible , its not so much Steinberg its the other companies playing catch up as normal ,you will find that this is the most stable .0 steinberg have ever released and im sure once the small bugs are ironed out we have the best daw on the market weather its on unsupported xp or win 7!


Yikes, some of those look quite serious, affecting in what seems like serious ways some very important C6 features.

It’s the tempo mapping from freely played audio that excites me the most in C6 - worst comes to worst, as long as that part works, it will be worth the cost to upgrade, regardless of how long it takes the other bugs to be worked out.


Hi, Folks!

Along with some excellent advice hertofore; just in case you didn’t realize it, Microsoft has setup a tool to analyze whether your machine is compatible with Windows 7 and what drivers, devices, and shortcomings may exist on your current system for compatability with Windows 7. It doesn’t alter anything on your existing machine; just analyzes it, and tells you what will work… and what won’t. My desktop is good for 32 bits, my laptop isn’t (too little RAM, and a questionable on-board video card).

You can find it here:

Hope this helps!

W0w, that is uber-cool - thanks for the tip, Southae!!

Nice one Southae, I didn’t know about that!

Hi, Folks!

That’s what’s so great about these forums. We can share our knowledge and experiences (and occasionally some lucky happenstances!!!) Lately, Microsoft is starting to do their homework and listen to users about how to make things better! What a novel idea!!! :smiley: