Removed EQ presets

Hi, I was just trying out some EQ presets under the Preset managment button on a track editor. I wanted to reset the preset but hit ‘Remove Preset’ instead of ‘Reset’! I did this a couple of times and it seems I have now some presets that I know I will used/need.

How do I get them back?



Try to tresh your preferences, or re-install CUbase.

If you will not tresh your preferences, and you will install your Cubase, the settings of the Cubase should be the same.

If you tresh the preferences, the Cubase should looks, like after first installation (something like factory reset).

Hi Martin. Thans for you’re advice. I don’t know what you mean by tresh though? Can you explain further please.




Click the useful Info link in red on my sig, it’ll tell you how.